Cooler Workspaces. Greater Convenience, Efficiency and Savings.

Low-E or Low-Emissivity glass prevents heat from entering your office or workspace during the hot summer months. And in the cold winter season, it retains the heat, making your workspace warm and comfortable, even when it is freezing cold outside.

Low-E glass is energy-efficient and helps reduce energy costs as it lessens the volume of heat that enters a building or structure on a winter or summer day. It allows more efficient usage of the central air conditioner or furnace. It also shields your office or workspace from infrared light.

Low-E glass allows natural lighting to pass through without compromising visible light. It makes your office more relaxing, comfortable and visually appealing.

With a cooler office or workspace, you’ll enjoy greater convenience and efficiency. You’ll save on heating bills and other similar costs.

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Low-E glass is your best option if you want windows that are effective for both hot and cold climates. It is ideal for offices located in warm, sunny places as it can block the heat that gets into your building.

Offices or workspaces exposed to northern climates or cold weather can benefit from Low-E glass and its ability to prevent heat from getting out of the building.

Low-E glass reflects or prevents heat, NOT light, from getting into your home.

Low-E vs. Clear Glass

Low-E glass is not as transparent as clear glass. It has a green tint or hue that is most noticeable in windows with shutters or white frames. This green tint has an effect on the overall exterior view. Low-E glass more than makes up for this with its other characteristics: environmentally safe (reduces carbon footprint), noise-proof and less glare from various light sources.

Aside from protecting your building from infrared light and ultraviolet rays, Low-E glass also protects the carpet and furnishings in your office from excessive sun exposure. As a result, they won’t fade easily.

Lastly, with Low-E glass, the outdoor views are pleasing to look at because the windows are glare-free. You won’t have to squint every time you look out the window.

On the other hand, clear glass is completely transparent. No color tints are added into any clear glass. Nevertheless, it is not as energy efficient as Low-E glass. It is also not capable of protecting buildings or structures from both hot and cold climates, and is not as environmentally friendly as Low-E glass.

Clear glass does not protect buildings from infrared light and ultraviolet rays. It allows all visible light to get in.

Low-E glass is the smart option for all businesses.

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