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Why Choose Our Auto Windshield Repair Company

Why Choose Our Auto Windshield Repair Company

At Star Glass, you can expect to receive quality glass
repair work and the best glass replacement prices in
Arizona. All work is performed by our certified
technicians, and you'll receive professional customer
service from every employee.

Auto glass repair done right and done professionally!

  • FREE Mobile Service – we’ll come to your home or office!
  • Same or Next Day Service
  • No Subcontractors
  • Family-Owned and Operated
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • AGRSS Certified
22 Years Experience in the glass business
Projects Completed
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
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What our clients are saying

All the Star employees I dealt with were polite and courteous.
Roland McIntosh
Awesome business excellent staff, very knowledgeable and helpful
Robert Lane
Great service. Worked with me and was able to have it done same day in a timely manner. Definitely a great spot to get your glass fixed!
Michael Fox

Windshield Repair Services FAQ

  • Can my windshield be repaired or do I need to replace it?

    It is recommended to get glass repairs done as soon as possible. Small damages may be able to be repaired – avoiding the need for a full windshield replacement. Larger cracks or breaks may call for a replacement. At Star Glass we can review the damage and let you know if the damaged windshield can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced. We provide both services and can work with your auto insurance company for your ease! Work with the best local company providing windshield repair services.

  • Does my windshield really protect me?

    Of course! According to the Auto Glass Safety Council:

    • In a front-end collision, 45% of the structural integrity is provided by your windshield.
    • If you experience a roll-over, up to 60% of the structural integrity is provided by your windshield.
    • Supplemental restraint systems such as airbags may not deploy properly at all if a windshield is improperly installed.

    To get the most out of your windshield make sure it is installed by a professional.

  • What is OEM glass?

    Oftentimes you have the choice between OEM glass and after market – choosing OEM glass guarantees that the windshield will fit how it is intended to since it is provided by the same manufacturer that made the original windshield. OEM glass is made with the same specifications and tools that meet quality and safety standards. It’s important to always use an OEM brand windshield to insure your safety.

  • What are FMVSS and why are they important to me?

    FMVSS stands for Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. They are U.S. federal regulations specifying design, construction, performance, and durability requirements for motor vehicles and regulated Automobile safety-related components, systems, and design features. They are standards set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association relating to vehicle safety. These standards set minimum requirements for windshield retention in vehicle accidents.

    FMVSS must be adhered to with every windshield installation. The only way to meet these standards is by strictly following the vehicle manufacturers’ preferred installation methods. These include, performing full cutout procedures, utilizing OEM glass, applying the necessary primers and using only the approved urethanes that provide the proper safe drive-away times. FMVSS were created and are in place to save your life. Unfortunately, not all glass companies comply. It’s up to you to make sure your glass replacement company adheres to them. No one else will.

  • How long will it take to replace my windshield?

    That depends on the make and model of your vehicle, it can range anywhere between one and three hours. At Star Glass we provide the convenience of motor repairs, so your windshield can be repaired or replaced while you are at work or home so your day is not impacted.

  • What should I look for when my windshield is replaced?

    When choosing an auto glass company you will want to check the following:

    • Their reputation – a good reputation and proven success record.
    • Check for OEM glass and certified technicians.
    • Ask your technician questions – if they cannot answer questions (especially related to safety) they might not be certified.
    • Ask about the process – are they completing a “full cutout” or leaving some of the old sealant in place, are they using gloves and suction cups?
  • What kind of warranty should I expect on my windshield replacement?

    Look for warranties that cover the following:

    • Defects in materials.
    • Defects in workmanship (including water and leaks).

    Ask about the warranties that are offered before replacing your windshield. Your safety is worth it.

  • How soon can I drive my car after my windshield is replaced?

    Make sure to follow instructions provided by your glass safety professional. Depending on the type of adhesive, dry time can be anywhere between 2 and 24 hours. If you are in a hurry let your technician know, there might be other options for adhesive that will dry quickly.

  • How soon can I wash my vehicle?

    You should wait 24 hours before washing your vehicle. There are a couple of reasons for this:

    • High pressure from automatic car washes can damage the seal and outer moldings before the adhesive has a chance to fully dry.
    • It’s important to leave at least one of the windows open at least an inch to reduce the pressurization in the vehicle when the doors are shut for the first several hours. This prevents the pressure inside the cabin from blowing a hole in the urethane seal, causing an air or water leak.

    Keep in mind, water on the windshield is not the concern. In fact, if it should rain, don’t fear. The moisture actually helps the curing process of the urethane sealant.

  • I just had my windshield replaced. How do I know if it was done right?

    Making sure you are using a licensed company who uses OEM materials to replace your windshield is the best way to know the job was done right. Once a windshield is replaced, most of the vital work is hidden under the moldings, so there is no fool-proof way to test it.

  • I have a broken windshield on my Class ‘A’ Motorhome. Can you replace it at my home just like my car?

    Absolutely! While it takes an extra degree of expertise to properly install motorhome windshields, our technicians have what it takes. Due to the much larger glass size, we’ll schedule from 2 -4 technicians when replacing your motorhome windshield. We understand the investment you have in your coach and we’ll take the extra care necessary when working on it.

  • I called around and got cash prices on my windshield. Why is there such a big difference in price?

    Prices can vary for lots of reasons:

    • Some quotes don’t include labor and taxes.
    • Some companies use lower quality materials.
    • Some will hire cheap, inexperienced labor to install windshields at a low cost.

    When you are searching make sure the quotes are from licensed professionals, using the safest products for you and your family.

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